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Why Not Make the Very Most of It?

Billy Milligan Documentary Interview Footage - Multiple Personality

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Above: 6-Minute Excerpt from "Billy" --
a 2-hour documentary made in 1985 about Billy Milligan

Below: Watch this clip of Billy Milligan
appearing in the 1984 soap opera, "45701."

Learn More about Milligan HERE

Billy Milligan Paintings for Sale


It looks as if you've been
reading the newspaper again.

Remember, your only
source for news is 45701's
Investigative Reporter, Joan David.

She's not interested in the facts.
Only the truth.

Athens Messenger


TV Guide Group Photo 45701
The Athens Messenger Article (6/8/14)

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Watch this 8-minute Summary of
the First 8 (of 15) Episodes of "45701"
(From the Summer of 1984)


Watch the 54-minute SUMMARY
of the First 8 Episodes PLUS the
COMPILATION of clips from the
remaining 7 episodes
produced in 1984.
This video gives you a complete
overview of the storyline
for the original 15-part series.


Watch the 1988-89
FULL-LENGTH "Fresco" Episode
created as part of
an Ohio Arts Council
project exhibited at the
Ohio University Trisolini Gallery.

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CLICK HERE to Read about the Characters, to Read the TV Guide Article and to
Discover More than You Want to Know about the "45701" TV Series.



Athens Fawn

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Athens Fawn 8/31/13

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Operation: CleanSweep


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Emeriti Park on Ohio University campus.

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The Local Girls

Passion Works

Athens Public Library
Ohio Valley Summer Theater
Stuart's Opera House
Athens Film Festival
The Local Girls Vocal Trio
"45701" -- The TV Show
The New Birthday Song
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Video
Passion Works Art
The Dairy Barn
Kennedy Museum of Art
On the Ridges








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West Side Pilates Studio
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